THEME : Hotel & Residences

YEAR : 2012

LOCATION : Bodrum / Turkey

SITE AREA : 500 000 sqm

CONSTRUCTION AREA : 1000 000 sqm

STATUS : Built

Located on one of the bays of Bodrum, CNNT KY is a mixed use project including residences, a hotel, recreation areas and a protected natural zone on approximately 600 acre area. The aim of the project is to generate a continuous annual use in Bodrum where people mostly inhabit during summers. In relation with the renovation constructions of Bodrum Airport, it is thought that the air traffic will increase and Bodrum will start to be used in other seasons as well. The project consists of 70 comfort rooms with varying sizes and allows visitors to integrate with Mediterranean presenting leisure activities on an intersection of the beaches and protected green zone.

Teamwork for concept design, planning and landscape.
Fa├žade design alternatives.
6 months of construction site supervising.
Preparing 3D renderings for the presentations.

with GAD Architecture

Aysu Aysoy

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